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tv   [untitled]    April 23, 2015 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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and the job site is appropriate cleans to reduce trucks tracking up dust open the resides to insure random inspections we have inspector arriving at different time and keep a log to insure we keep the compliance with the dust control plan to receive any compliments from dpw or the work we'll gladly go out to inspect arrest dust or other materials if the contractor didn't perform the work in correspondence with the dust control plan dpw e dbi can stop the work in event they continue dbi may suspend their work permit both dpw and eject
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will have additional to the commission their regulatory rules and oversight of candle stick stadium demolition i'd like to invite stephanie is provide the background information on the demolition. >> thank you deputy. >> good morning, commissioners i'm stephanie with the department of public health as the role of the did you want is to approve and review dust control plans during demolition we work with the department of building inspection to review the dust control plan prior to the different control permit by dbi we have limited - i'm sorry so dpw reviews and approves the dust control plan that is submitted or the dust permit in best practices that is best practices once the permit is
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approved the work is begun and dpw as limited inspection staff inspectors are sent to the site regularly to locate the practices that are looking at visual dust generated by trucking and soil parcels so as a side i have asked the food program because they inspect restaurants in the area to go by and have hazardous material inspectors to go by and report their scent to me i have housing inspectors that go by i don't have a staff that environmental height has to date none of the inspectors have resorted recorded a
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violation of dust and if onsite practices should the issue not be resolved dbi will take action described to insure compliance in addition to that dpw reviews do not for the dust monitor and we notified again dbi if we find violations because dbi hold a permit on the site and then next i'd like to ask the bay area equality management district john marvin vin to come up and explain their role. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm john marvin the air quality program manager at the burr quality management a
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little bit of a background we were created in 1955 by the state literature and have jurisdiction over 9 counties over 7 million residents and over one hundred plus cities in our jurisdiction so our role in the oversight of the don't guess project over in candle stick essentially we have 3 regulated activities we're ero seeing out there the first is the overseeing of the asbestos related material that started with the hazardous assessment and survey we required a survey we require notification before and prior to the removal of the regulate asbestos and we had spiktsz inspection staff during the removal of the regulated
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materials to mayor it was in guidance with the regulations all that that had to be done prior to the demolition we have inspectors out there everyday during the demolition project but there is also something here that talked about the review and approval of asbestos litigation plants for natural asbestos right next door they're doing a construction grading operation that requires an asbestos control plan after the demolition i believe this area too will be under an asbestos dust control plan where their various regulations this is a state requirement the state requirement the asbestos air
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toxic control measure four construction and grading for the asbestos in that state requirement requires an asbestos dust mitigates plan greater than than a ieshg there's a number of areas where we are going to be having control or regulatory control over and over and over the project in the future currently for the demolition project we have been inspector on site everyday looking for dust as of today no notice of violation but we certainly can if we find violation of our dust requirements out at that site in addition to those two regulated activities i've discussed there is also oversight of the cashing and
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mobile source the cashing this is a diesel regulation to insure that such things as there's no cost of violateing the off-road vehicles have proper registration with the california resource board etc. so we're out there everyday and trying to do our best part to make sure they comply thank you >> thank you. >> hi, i'm willing la with the office i had how bring it down economic development in the past my colleague thomas drew what ocii roll in this is cooperating
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a lot of the communication as well coordinating with a citizens advisory committee and keeping them abreast of the doilgz they've been having with folks let me or letting them know how lamar have been responding to their concerns one of the requests we have a comprehensive phone number allows from anyone from the public to be able to report a problem and on this power point slide you can see the comprehensive list of numbers we're encouraging people to call the 1866 lamar number fairs and lamar is committed to responding to those calls within twenty-four hours if people don't get a responded we courage them to call any of the other
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numbers 311 or dpw or the air quality management numbers we're getting the sheet to the community and trying to get it the sheets at every cac meeting we're going to have in the community and going to look for other opportunity within the community to let people know who don't attend cac numbers what numbers to call if they see dust or any other types of complaint we've heard that people want to see increased community engagement around this issue and what this slide is present to us iuoe you a list ever 14 meeting to date regarding demolition dave was present and it goes up to last week a list of things to date we have a criterias meeting
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at this is an citizens advisory committee meeting and subcommittees as well we met approximately 5 times a month they're the official body for the roll call vote that allows an opportunity for folks to come and present or also raise issues but again, i think the phone number is the first line if you see something wrong but to raise other issues the community wants to see addressed either the ocii or the dbi. >> one question is the meat on the same location. >> the cac meetings are at oh, listed at the seem locations so the full cac meets and southeast community center and several subcommittees in the shipyard trailer they're posted on the website and an extensive e-mail list some of the meetings
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were not ocii meetings but in response to month to month with stakeholders not all cracking cac meetings you. >> some stakeholders wanted to go to meetings and didn't have the exact location it was challenged at the last minute so just a little bit of - >> definitely take that feedback we try to get the agenda out well in advance of the brown act usually a week in advance definitely open for feedback on that. >> so opportunities for increased community involvement again, i mentioned a subcommittee an environmental subcommittee where the issues are raised but at the same time, a hotline and staff is definitely willing to continue to have conversations with
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stakeholder and coordinate other meetings for additional concerns. >> commissioner melgar. >> just for clarifications we've been hearing from the community and the issues the community has raised have been pretty legitimate health and safety issues; right? so you're saying as a department is that when folks have health and safety issues they're first phone call should be to the developer. >> no, if they see visual dust hey, you need to shut down our project i'm reporting dbi and dpw to shut down the project the reason why the developers typical in another projects they have someone on site so say oh,
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noting not monitor do we need to water something down if this is not people don't feel comfortable usually i work on the project site they have assigns all around that have the numbers of the developers they see something they don't like or not feeling that is who they want to call dbi and dpw numbers are there if people want to lodge their complaints. >> it seem like from a public prospective public prospective a little bit problematic to me. >> okay. >> to have a huge project and health issues in a community that has a power imbalance to have the first you know line of defense or whatever the first be a private developer that has a
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invested interest in you know doing things a certain way to any that is problematic because we're on the one side of the commission large numbers to the community concerns you know it seem like this is something that needs to be addressed different so thank you for your presentation. >> kind of to hitchhike commissioner mar i believe that the dpw testimony today they don't have small business out there all the time. >> i didn't periodically. >> but the developer is out there everyday so the issue is the dust so they check the p m-10 dust monitor do we know how many times a day or once a week. >> i'm going to have dpw as their presentation goes along
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they'll talk about how many times the different monitors are inspected we receive reports after dpw has seen them so make sure there're no unrecorded problems so dbi sees these reports. >> the frequency of those reports is one of the big issues i've sure you've heard no signatures we can't verify. >> and stephanie will respond to those questions. >> sorry. >> if we see something but dpw receives the reports and then they review them but they - we receive them as well. >> the concerns the reason dpw is out there they don't have the staffing levels. >> that's correct. >> that's concerning; right? >> well, we have not received a
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single different violation on this project i think that they've reviewed every single report they've received we've not received a single dust. >> that's a catch-22. >> the violation is reviewing the monitor and the data from the monitor. >> we saw pictures for the monitor don't have the proper you know fritters so our frustration for several meetings no, no they're doing their job or you know for us it's hard to - then your telling you the first line to call the developer. >> why not hear the rest of the testimony. >> yeah. so hopefully and if you have additional questions or recommendations how you want ocii to be further involved we'll talk about that after dpw.
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>> okay. >> so this is the next phase regards to the transparent of air monitoring there be air monitors for candle stick stadium dust and there are monitor systems for alice griffith for asbestos and candle stick has the p m monitor for the dust and alice griffith has 3 for asbestos and dust and one for an additional one for asbestos only with regards to the correct installation of the operations monitor overseen by a third party currently n go the
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healthy /* health department does not go out there. >> n pg o the contractor and an additional third party that collects the data and analyze it and says to dpw that's l.b. r partners paid by the department not lee in charge. >> they're paid by lamar. >> okay. >> i would like to say this is off my not but the contractors have their own state licenses and as my husband is an engineer tells me i can take away their livelihood by reporting them if they're not reporting true information to us that's how we
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regulate the contract they're either civil engineers or geologists professional engineers. >> and with regards to spot checks they're done 3 times a day to verify the equipment is operational not the health department we receive the data it comes in to us so again with regards to alice griffith. they have asbestos monitor on the site and that's because they are disturbing the first work and that's the asbestos monitoring information comes to dpw and it goes to bay area air quality with regards to the locations of them we oversee
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those with regards to where they are the ordinance requests they be upwind and down wind we speak p with lamar and their contractor we agree where they're located. >> is that shift babylon depending on how they are blowing. >> at the don't move they're up wind based on previous data on charge you the winds moves as the project increases are decreases they move up and downed wind they'll move them when you receive a report once a most while they propose on brave of lamar we receive one of those we are going to receive and discuss that with lamar
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so that's basically, it for that slow down this is this is the locations of where the monitors are this on candle stick and they're called p m ones for dust p m-1 through 4 or 4 they're up wind and down wind and their locations for the alice griffith again they're located upwind and down wind at the location and they also in addition to asbestos and dust and up if you can see i don't know if you can see h-3 is by the hearts
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elementary school an asbestos monitor only because of the concern for sensitive receptors so i think one of the recommendations later on is that we recommend to lamar they have place a monitor dust monitor in that location. >> i actually what one question your monitors does that pickup other things other than asbestos. >> this is based on the size of 10 micro grams of meters two so if it is forebodes as it comes down through it identifies it with a reading. >> did that pickup anything else around hazardous readings.
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>> no. >> we're only doing tests for asbestos. >> yes. >> yes. >> with regards to transparency of the air monitoring additional we have on this slow down public has access on the ocii website now and everything is uploaded on a weekly basis we send there it is a home website. >> so there was a concern about grinds on some of the grafts that were produced that the clean air alliance had we want to give a background in reading the day online the public should know the motors are not a health
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risk is raise one or two possibility that the diet and time the asbestos were not effected so if we steady that you call lamar and they tell their contractors to think of a different way to spray the site a diet and a time when an vial event unrelated to the jobs happening at once liquor a fog or mist their may be a 10 micro gram motorpoint so again, the cleaner alliance proposed an additional dust monitor at hearts elementary school we agree so we
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have discussed this with lamar and in addition we don't recommend they have a dust monitor at one of the avenues but recommend they put in asbestos monitor to address the concerns of the clean air alliance another concern was the third party was to select the third party inspector we do not recommend this because the developer is responsible and there's a liability concern who they includes their environmental community their credentialing with the dissolution and another university based didn't necessarily have the qualification for work site monitoring
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worker safety we use an additional ohio. >> the last one is the dust control plan does incorporate best practices. >> for controlling future dust again based on the visible dust the inspectors see that lamar has to take care of that we've provided a letter with responses to they're specific recommendations to the off-duty control plan and now lamar will come up and tell you what changes they plan to make. >> good afternoon my name is st. is bronson the director of the development i appreciate
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your time today before i go to the content on the slow down i did want to provide a little bit of background an lamar europeans history and roll on the project lamar has been active under performing construction in the community for over a decade we're familiar with the requirements and regulations on dust control and community concerns and prospective of those issues we have developed strong understanding of the expectations of the different regulatory alleges the community we've been significantly engaged for a long time i've heard mentioned our invested interest being one of money we understand the only way to succeed on the project is by taking the
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cautioned necessary the cost of doing things right is a lot less than doing that wrongs so we're implemented p employment to do everything to mitigate dust on our project i said to clarify the purpose of uh our hot lion as well we hover a contractor to - the purpose of our hot lion to respond immediately, the system we have implemented actually converts the voice to text and immediately send overwhelms out to a number 6 people within our organization so that regardless if one individual is on visitation there are other people in the phone tree that can pickup and talk to the contractor and get immediate action observing if
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height concerns or significant concerns besides an immediate issue the city has a number of hostile lines for community members to voice ars concerns we've also worked with the city to develop a list of that and provide that to the community that being said there are opportunity for improvement and we appreciate the communities involvement in particular dr. tompkins and shirley moore have been vocal and evaluating those are concerns we've made significant progress in addressing those are concerns and making refinement and additions to the dust control plan and asbestos
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admission plans executing we're listening to the community one clear example when we applied for two different types of permit we have a number of news where the community that was clear their preference was noted implosion so ultimate we withdraw that request weren't to the communities position and other hemsz e recommendations provided by others so we're in the process of implementing some of those i'llize those we're currently additionally some of the - in the slide it shows including additional monitor and